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News Flash!

December 2011 Eukanuba Invitational Classic, Orlando, FL:
Winterbourne Irish Dream (aka Casey) bred by Annette Scott in Australia,

was awarded Best of Opposite Sex in the Jack Russell/Russell Terrier competetion. Casey, coming 7 years of age, was owner handled and showed like the professional she is.

UKC's 2011 Premier: Congratulations to Peggy Jackson and her boy Falling Branch Jazz Singer (aka Neil) for his BOB wins from the classes over the Champions and Grand Champions on Friday and Saturday, June 17th and 18th. Neil is sired by GRCH Jacklands FB Caruso and out of GRCH Winterbourne Irish Dream, last year's Top Ten Winner. Congratulations to CH Mitern Little Gamble, bred by Carleen Farrington of Mass and sired by our Aust CH, UKC CH, BIS Merrilong Siroco for Gamble's BOB win on Sunday, June 19th. This beautiful male, owned by Lynn Chacho and Kasie Lopes, is expertly shown by the very talented Kasie. Congratulations to the owners of these outstanding Jack Russell Terriers from our imported Australian bloodlines. As the saying goes, blood tells!

Five of our Jack Russell Terriers qualified for the 2011 Eukanuba Invitational show. Those five Jack Russells are UKC GRCH Winterbourne Irish Dream (aka Casey) and her granddaughter UKC CH Falling Branch Side Pockets (aka Daphne) and BIS UKC GRCH Jacklands FB Caruso and his daughter Falling Branch Lady In Red co-owned with Melissa White of Riverglenn Kennels in Idaho and our gorgeous UKC GRCH Carisbrooke Yule Tide, the smalles of our girls but with enough attitude for two terriers.

Many thanks to the dedicated Australian breeders who developed this breed. Without those talented breeders we would not have the quality Jack Russell Terriers we feel so blessed to be owned by.

News Flash 2010!

Three of our Jack Russell Terriers qualified for AKC's 2010 Eukanuba Invitational show by winning the Best Miscellaneous Group. Those three Jack Russells are UKC GRCH Winterbourne Irish Dream (aka Casey), Falling Branch Side Pockets (aka Daphne, a Casey granddaughter) and GRCH Jacklands Diarmuid.

GRCH Winterbourne Irish Dream aka Casey,bred by Annette Scott of South Australia, wins the Top Ten competition for the Jack Russell Terrier at the UKC's prestigious 2010 Premier AND qualifies for the AKC's Eukanuba Invitational for 2010 and for 2011.

Falling Branch Side Pockets ,owned by Falling Branch Terriers, qualifies for the AKC's Eukanuba Invitational her first time in the show ring. What a show pony this little girl is!

GRCH Jacklands Diarmuid ,bred by Lynda Donato of Queensland, co-owned with Blair Childs (Childsplay Jack Russell Terriers) qualifies for the Top Ten competition for the Jack Russell Terrier at the UKC's prestigious 2010 Premier AND qualifies for the AKC's Eukanuba Invitational.

News Flash 2009!

CH Merrilong Kalvaro, bred by Mrs. June Head of New South Wales, and owned by Falling Branch, won the Top Ten competition at UKC's 2009 Premier.

Falling Branch Terriers would like to thank these wonderful Australian breeders of these outstanding terriers for sharing their best with us and with the American gene pool. A special thank you goes to Louis Woo for allowing us to add Casey to our home and show string.

Primary Lens Luxation: A Hereditary Disease

DNA test for PLL:
There is now a DNA test for Primary Lens Luxation available through OFA (website: www.offa.org) and the Animal Health Trust (website http://www.aht.org.uk/genetics_tests.html) in the UK. This test became available the end of 2009. We are currentley in the process of having ALL of our terriers tested for PLL. To date every terrier we have tested is clear of PLL either by DNA testing or clear by parentage. And all of our terriers are already DNA profiled or in the process of being AKC DNA profiled.

A terrier can test normal/clear (has 2 normal genes), or be a carrier (has one normal gene and one mutated gene) or can test affected (have two mutated genes and will develop the disease at sometime in the future. A terrier that has two clear parents is clear by parentage and does not need to be tested.

Do NOTpurchase a pet or show dog from any breeder who does not DNA PLL test the sire AND dam of your pup. If you do then you are supporting someone who is either not knowledgeable about genetic health or you are supporting someone who breeds to make money instead of breeding for genetically healthy as well as structurally correct dogs. Remember that ALL PLL clear dogs are listed on the OFA website under either "Jack Russell Terrier" or "Russell Terrier". If a dog is not listed there ask the breeder why not. If the breeder does not test then WALK AWAY.

June 23, 2009: GRCH Carisbrooke Yule Tide travels to Florida to be bred to Fox Island JRT Grind who I fell in love with when he was a puppy. We are so excited about this cross!!

June 11-14, 2009: UKC's Premier...talk about a fun long weekend! CH Merrilong Kalvaro wins the Top Ten Jack Russell Terrier competition. Kal and I have a special bond. I adore him and he adores me. Nothing like a mutual admiration society. Kal goes BOB the next day and a Terrier Group III in a huge and prestigious terrier group. He also picks up quite the fan club of cheering, clapping Jack Russell enthusiasts. This boy is a serious show dog. Day 3, my gorgeous CH Winterbourne Irish Dream, aka Casey, goes BOB. What a wonderful weekend and a LONG drive home, but worth every mile!

April 13, 2009: Merrilong Carmen whelps 4 beautiful pups sired by GRCH Carisbrooke Crossfire. At 12 weeks of age a gorgeous smooth male, Falling Branch Nelson, ships to April Eddy in California to embark on his show and stud dog career.

December 20, 2008: The magnificient Aust CH Merrilong Siroco arrives in Virginia after his long flight from Australia to Los Angeles and then Roanoke. Siroco is everything I could have dreamed of plus more. He is just in time for Christmas when Santa brings him a VERY warm, insulated coat. Siroco says, "Yikes! It gets cold around here."

October 28, 2008: Three pups out of Malung/JR Magali and Pretorium IM A J leave Australia bound for the US. Caruso (tan and white male) and Madam (tan and white female) stay with me. Delaney (tan and white male) goes to Pat Wilcox.

October 12, 2008: Haley Tanfield aka Shorty, delivers 5 babies sired by GRCH Jacklands Diarmuid. She has the 2 girls and 3 boys in record time.

July 20, 2008: Casey whelps 4 beautiful pups, 2 tri males, 1 tri female and 1 tan & white female

June 13, 2008: Tidy arrives at the Roanoke, VA airport happy, wagging and ready to meet the gang. She is just exquisite...everything her photos show and lots more. A million thanks to Rita Francis-Little for sending us such a fabulous girl. Tidy definitely has the Carisbrooke look of quality and that gorgeous Carisbrooke head and personality

June 6, 2008: Carisbrooke Tidy lands in the US. After spending a few days resting and playing she will be shipped to Virginia to join the other outstanding Australian bred Jack Russell Terriers at Falling Branch.

May 18-23, 2008: The beautiful CH Winterbourne Irish Dream (aka Casey) is bred to Carisbrooke Crossifre. Now we impatiently wait for puppies.

May 3, 2008: SG CH Winterbourne Irish Dream completes her trip from Louis Woo's highly respected Wind Charm Jacks in Singapore to LAX and finally to Virginia. Casey comes out of her crate tail wagging and ready to meet the world. What a fabulous bitch! As good as her photos are she is even better in the flesh and with a temperament I wish every dog living had. Casey meets my old girls and instantly gets along with them. It is like Casey has been here all of her life. See Casey's own webpage under the "Girls" section.

October 15, 2007: Merrilong Carmen starts her day at 6 AM and delivers 6 strong, very mobile tan and white puppies (3 females and 3 males). Mom and babies are doing great. All puppies have traditional badger marked heads and some body color.

August 16-18, 2007: Merrilong Carmen is bred to UKC CH Tracking Truman of Jack's Paradise for an outcross litter expected the middle of October. The future girls from this litter will be bred to Merrilong Kalvaro.

February 16, 2007: Merrilong Carmen whelps 2 beautiful tan and white males and 1 beautiful girl. She takes to motherhood as though she has plenty of practice. Mom and puppies are doing well.

January 18, 2007: Merrilong Kalvaro and now obviously pregnant Merrilong Carmen leave Australia for their long journey to the US. Both Lynda Donato and I are tense until the two land safely. And FINALLY, they are HERE, healthy, happy, tails wagging and ready to play!

December 2007: Merrilong Carmen comes into season a month earlier than expected. She is bred to Aust CH Karrell Jack Daniels on December 15th. Because of the breeding Carmen stays in Australia until at least 21 days pass and the embryos firmly attach.

November 2006: Merrilong Carmen and Merrilong Kalvaro are acquired from Mrs. June Head and plans are made to ship the two to Lynda Donato who will arrange shipping to the US.

October 7, 2006: Jackland Diarmuid sired by Aust CH Swampwood Mick Maddigan and out of Carisbrooke Delia embarks on his flight to the US. We welcome Diarmuid with open arms. He is EVERYTHING we wanted, expected and more! Diarmuid is co-owned with a good friend and long time breeder in North Carolina.

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