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     Check out our up and coming shory Russell aka Russell Terrier pups and young adults
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Liz McKinney & Lynn Grimsley have been involved in breeding, showing and hunting both Jack Russell Terriers aka Russell Terriers and Parson Russell Terriers for 28 years. Their experience in breeding and showing purebred dogs and horses dates back three generations. Liz and Lynn grew up in a dog and horse show family, and so breeding and showing animals has not only been a life long venture but it is our heritage.

We moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia many years ago and began our adventure with terriers. We have titled numerous terriers both in the AKC and the UKC to their championships including the top 10 in both registries. We are actively involved in the show world as well as hunting our terriers to live quarry. We have judged Russells in the conformation ring internationally in the US, Canada and Europe and both of us were UKC earth work judges when that program was operational. Lynn was also a JRTCA working judge for many years. Being earthworking judges and conformation judges gives us a more indepth understanding of this breed, its roots and its intended function.

Our focus is and always has been breeding a terrier with the temperament to be a beloved pet, the structure and soundness to be a top show dog and the instinct to work in the earth. We support and participate in health testing, including DNA PLL testing, annual CERF testing, BAER testing, thyroid profiling and orthopedic clearances. We are committed to breeding the healthiest terrier possible, and only outstanding individuals with annual health clearances are used in our breeding program. To produce the best breeding stock, which is our goal, one must only keep the best in temperament, genetic health, structure and pedigree. While all of our terriers have the same sound temperaments and genetics, they don't all make it conformationally or coat and color as show dogs to become future breeding stock. And so those we do not keep as breeding stock to show we place as pets. When you are looking for a puppy for a pet and companion ask to see the CERF and BAER test on both parents. Do not take anyone's word for this. A breeder should be able to provide you with copies of both BAER and CERF tests on both parents, and should give you a copy of the health tests on the puppy you buy.

We breed a very few litters per year. We believe in focusing on quality and not quantity. This is a hobby and a passion and NOT a for-profit business. We encourage everyone to be suspect of breeders who breed more than a few litters a year and who do not health test both parents and puppies. A breeder who ALWAYS has puppies and cranks out numerous litters a year doesn't care about the breed, the puppies they produce or the buyer. Their purpose is in making money. No one can properly socialize and care for numerous litters. There simply are not enough hours in the day. Our puppies are raised in our homes, well socialized and are part of the family. Every pup or adult comes with a written health guarantee which warranties against many genetic diseases. Every litter is carefully planned and is not just a random breeding. We take breeding ethics seriously.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more about the breed or just wish to talk terriers.

Feel free to contact us about our short legged Russells aka Russell Terriers


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